Introduction: The Toranados

-1 box
- 1 lamp
- blak spray paint
- insulating tape
- plastic
-a computer fan

for the first step Cut the four sides of the simulator chamber. Each side should be 5 cm for wide and the for long would be like 30 cm .
now cut 1 window  15cm  for wide and then 30 cm for long  this window is too see how it works , then cut a little square in the bottomof the box   10x10 , cut one circle on the top of the box  , now paint with the blak spray paint  the inside of the box .wait for paint to dry just like 25 minutes .meanwhile, cut a pice of plastic  with the dimensions of the window , then paste it with the insulating tape .now looking for a small clay pot who fits within in the 10x10 perforation .

now the final steps are ; in the little square you cut in the bottom of the box put the clay pot put the incense in and then turn it on with the matches  put the box on the clay pot with the incense and  in the circle you cut on the top of the box intall the little fan , turn it on and illuminate the box with the lamp and now seen how it works