Themed Front Light Cover

Introduction: Themed Front Light Cover

A cheap and easy way to jazz up your "Jar" style entry light for special occasions.


"Jar" style front light

Drawing application on your computer




CFL or LED light bulb

Step 1: Get Your Jar

Turn off your light. Let it cool if it's incandescent (old style)

Remover your "Jar" light cover being careful not to drop it or the fasteners

Step 2: Make You Artwork

Go into you favorite "Draw" application and create your banner. The only parameters you need to be concerned about is not going past half way down and making sure your art is not going to overlap itself in the jar.

Step 3: Print and Fold

Print out your art work and fold it in half the long way with your art on the inside of the fold.

Step 4: Time to Roll

Roll your art up and slip it into your jar making sure its tucked in nice and neat.

Step 5: Light It Up

If you don't have a CFL or LED bulb in already installed pop one in (40-60watt). Reinstall your Jar with you art inside of it and turn on the light to great you friends and show off what you made.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea!

    At first glance I thought you drew the design on the glass, but printing it makes much more sense. And is a lot easier. Well done!