Introduction: There's "Snow" Ice Cream Like Homedade Baileys Snow Ice Cream!

 I am the last person to ever get excited to see snow… But I have been waiting all winter to try this out! So I have to say that when I saw it start to snow, I got a little excited!
I found a couple snow ice cream recipes on-line one night when I was aimlessly surfing for something, probably totally unrelated, but I have been holding onto the idea of snow ice cream ever since. I made a few modifications to the recipies I found, to make it more adult friendly!
For two weeks, I was putting bowls and pans outside in hopes of catching a little snow, but instead I was dumping out water and scraping out ice… What a winter! But as I saw the snow start falling, i put out a couple bowls and metal pans. This is a much cleaner option than trying to scoop a layer of clean snow from the ground. Because of the pollution, or possible contamination of the snow, I wouldn't recommend eating this on a daily basis (although it is tempting!) make it once or twice a season for a special treat! Also, Using metal bowls or containers to collect the snow works the best because it keeps the ice cream cold.

Step 1: Adult Version of Snow Ice Cream

I will share the adult version of the ice cream first.
Here is my recipe for homemade Baileys... Please, feel free to sample at any time... This Baileys recipe is fantastic, and makes a great drink, or hostess gift on its own!
Start with 1cup of Irish whiskey 
1 cup of of cream
1 can of condensed milk (what makes it taste so good)
A couple tablespoons of chocolate milk mix (the liquid kind)
And if you have it, a little bit of coconut extract.  
Put everything in the blender for about a minute, then put in the fridge or freezer.

Step 2: Mix It All In!

Here is the fun part!
Get your bowl of snow from outside, and pour the Baileys right into the snow... And mix! You have to mix fairly quickly, as you will start to see the ice cream thicken. it only takes a couple minutes!
I use about a cup of the Baileys per large bowl of snow. 
When the Baileys has been mixed in, and it has thickened, spoon into bowls, drizzle with a bit of chocolate and enjoy! 

Step 3: Kid Friendly Version

If you want to try making this with the kids, you will probably want to eliminate the alcohol from the recipe! 

You may also make the ice cream with milk or cream, vanilla and sugar, but trust me, the condensed milk is what makes it taste so good!

We also tried making a strawberry ice cream, a smarties ice cream and a chocolate ice cream. We can't decide which one we like the best!


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