Introduction: Thermocol Decorative Temple

In india we use Thermocol sheet for decoration on small scale , for family functions.
Its widely available in stationary stores , easy to cut, mold and easy to stick .

Many people are in proffesional business of creating Thermocol art articals . However its always better to create the one yourself. It will give you joy of creativity .
Any decorative piece like a carved temple can be created at home at much cheaper rate and as per your convenience.

Step 1:

Things needed
- Thermacol Sheets - Different sheets depending upon the thickness
- 5-10 mm for carving,
- 15-24 mm for Structre,
- Thikest like 3cm for creating pillers
- Adhasive (like Fevicol in India)
- Cutter (a small knife)
- hot glue gun (earlier we used to use small metalic pins, but now a days hot glue gun is very convenient)
- Few card paper sheets (to make templates of our design)
- color, Acrylic, or Distemper (do not use oil based colors)

- I attached a nail to soldering iron tip , once hot it cuts smoothly.

Step 2:

First make a drawing of structure you want to make. You may want to use engineering drawing skills or some common sense with measurements.

Applied pythagorus theoram , to get the exact measurements of triangles
Here I tried to create hexagonal shaped gazaboo like strucutre. But we have to consider the space contraint where the article was to be kept , so I ended up creating a rectangular hexagon.

The top has irregular shaped triangles , need to apply formula carefully to get exact measures of each side.
Cut the Strips of 1 or 1.5 inch from medium thick thermocol. Stick as per your drawing with help of hot glue Create outer frame of structure.

Make provision for Pillers in this frame so that pillers can stand strong and lift the top structure .
To create template of card paper , first cut the card in a exact shape of the thermocol piece .

Pillers are cut from thikest sheet ,2 inch wide

Step 3:

To create template of card paper , first cut the card in a exact shape of the thermocol piece .

Draw design on paper . I have drawn designs based on the theme of wroght iron designs that are used in garden furniture , outdoors , Gazzabo ,Galleries . You can use your own , but see to it that final template willl have lot of empty spaces , since it will serve as a template for our main designs.

Cut the empty spaces with paper cutter . You have to be very patient while cutting the design. Maintain balance between thickness of design and pattern of design , design should not be too much detaled and thin because later on the thermocol piece should be able to bear its own weight.

Step 4:

Finally join everything togather.

I used distemper and colored with ordinary brush. Create dark shades because the color fades when dry.

I created paper flowers , paper rosettes to add a decorative value.