Introduction: Thermoelectric Generator

We made a Thermoelectric generator using Peltier elements. By heating the Peltier elements on one side using candles, and cooling them on the other side by using ice. Because of the heat difference on the Peltier elements, a current will flow which will power a motor which makes a fan turn.


  • 4 Peltier elements
  • 2 aluminum profile (18 cm long, 4.7 cm in width 1.3 cm sides)
  • 2 aluminum profile for the legs (6cm long, 4.7 cm in width, 1.3 cm sides)
  • 1 motor
  • thermal paste

  • kit

  • 3 3d printed fans

  • 3d printed elements to connect the legs with the housing

  • 3d printed container to put the ice in

  • All the 3d printed parts can be printed by using this link:

Step 1: Combining the Peltier Elements

Combine The 4 Peltier elements by stripping the cables and shorten them. Then solder them together so that they are connected in series. Put them next to each other just like in the picture. Keep the last two cables longer so that they can easily be connected to the motor.

Now put thermal paste on the top and bottom of the elements and put the aluminum profiles on top and bottom just like in the picture.

Step 2: The Housing

Now put the 3d printed container to put the ice in one of the aluminum profiles just like on the first image. Stick them together using kit which makes sure it doesn't let the water through.

Assemble the leg like on the second image to the 3d printed element which connects the housing with the leg. Just like on the third image. The legs can be glued but we didn't find this necessary because they fit quite stiff. Do this for both the legs and assemble them on both sides of the aluminum profiles with the Peltier elements in between them. Make sure the container is on top just like in the fourth picture.

Step 3: End

Connect the motor with the Peltier elements to finish the circuit. We 3d printed a housing for the motor to sit in which sits nicely on the container. Put a fan on the motor and it is done.

To test it candles can be put below the housing and ice in the container. Wait a while and eventually, the fan will turn.