Introduction: Thermometer

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This is my first individual project with an Arduino. It's a thermometer that will take the temperature and use it's value to perform many different functions.

Step 1: Setting Up the Sensor

First, we need to set up the primary component, the temperature sensor. Set it up where the rounded side of the sensor is facing away from the Arduino. Connect the right side of the sensor to power, the left side to ground, and the middle to the analog sensor(A0).

Step 2: Setting Up the RGB LED

Attach ground to the longest wire of the LED(). Attach the other wires from left to right to 9,10,11. below the wires attached to the pins. attach a 220 ohm resistor.

Step 3: Setting Up the Servo

Put the male header pins into the servo. After that, put the servo into the board. From left to right of servo attach a wire to ground, pin 6 and power.

Step 4: Setting Up the Piezo

Attach a point on the breadboard to ground, and four over from that, attach a point to power. Place the piezo over them making sure it's aligned with the points

Step 5: Setting Up the Button and Finishing Touches

This button will work for as long as you hold it down, and will control wether the Piezo makes a noise or not. On the right side of the button, attach a wire to power, and on the left side attach a 10k ohm resistor. Below that, but over the button attach a wire to pin 4.
Finally, attach the power wire and ground wire to their corresponding area.

Step 6: Code

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bottom left pic-2nd page

bottom right pic-3rd page