Introduction: Thermos Cooking. Drastically Reduce Your Fuel Use.

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A few years ago I read about how you can use a thermos / vacuum bottle to cook food the way a crock pot or slow cooker does. I was thinking that if this really works your use of cooking fuel would be drastically reduced. The article I read said it this works great for cooking rice. I don't think I have ever cooked rice but I do cook pasta quite often.

Step 1: Test 1 and 2

I brought a 1.2 liter thermos for $20. I filled the thermos with water and then emptied it into a sauce pan and then added a little bit more water. I did not want to boil more water than I would need. I added a little bit of oil and salt to the water. I emptied the package of shells (7 oz.) into the empty thermos (one cup of pasta). It took about 8 minutes to bring the water to a rapid boil. I filled up the thermos with boiling hot water and screwed the cap onto the thermos. I did not have any idea how long it would take to cook the noodles with water that was no longer boiling. I decided to give it 2 hours. I shook up the thermos every 10 minutes to avoid the noodles sticking together. The results exceeded by expectations. The water was still very hot and the noodles were overcooked. most of the water was in the noodles. I drained the noodles and added a can of ravioli to the noodles. The combination made quite a large amount of food. I added some Louisiana hot sauce.

Test 2:

I did the test over again and cooked for only 30 minutes. The pasta was perfectly cooked.

Step 2: See Also

See also:

Cooking With Three Candle Flames:

I recently did a test of preheating 1.2 liters of water with a single candle flame. There were a couple of things I will do differently to improve these results but the results of the first test are as follows:

Single candle flame preheat time: 85 minutes.

Time to rapid boil with stove gas flame: 5 minutes 45 seconds (a savings of 2 minutes, 15 seconds of gas). I believe with a couple of tweeks I will get this down below 5 minutes. I will post the results of the next test.

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