Introduction: Thermostat Thing

This is a device that allows to act as a thermostat, and a device that you can make a desired temperature that it will alert you if the room temp is lower than your desired temp. It will turn on a led if the desired temp is lower than the room temp. Oh and that jumper cable setup is so critical to it working that you don't even know how important it is...

Step 1: Digital Design

Components needed:

1 lcd screen

1 led

1 push button

2 potentiometers

1 temperature sensor

3 330k ohm resistors

many wires are required

2 breadboards

1 arduino uno

coding software

The picture above is how I designed the arduino.

Step 2: The Code

This is the code for the arduino that programs the stuff to do the things. Once you get that thar code jammed in the arduino, you will be good to go and sense those temperatures.