Introduction: Thermostat Using Inviot U1, an Arduino Compatible Board

By using the


InvIoT U1


and a 4 relay arduino compatible module, I build a thermostat for heat/AC. It works with or without forced air furnace (FAN).

There is an RTC clock on the U1 board and the sketch has also the ability to set up 24 zones with different temperatures.

Step 1: Setting Up, Connect Relay, Upload Sketch

1. Download the library for the U1 model at

2. Load the sketch in your arduino IDE. Go to menu file/examples/InvIoT/applications/thermostat

3. Set the pins depending on the relay module you have.

4. Connect the wires to your heater/AC unit

5. Upload the sketch

Step 2: Setup Menu:

Press the home button on U1 to set up the menu.

First setup the time and the unit you are using (C / F).

Try different time zones.

I still have to work with the wifi and the ESP8266 module to make the thermostat on line.

Also I can use the nRF24 module to set the temperature from a remote room.

Use it at your own risk. All the info, software and hardware is "AS-IS".

Step 3: ESP8266 WIFI

There is an ESP8266 WiFi plug on the U1 board and also an EEPROM. So you can store the HTML strings on the EEPROM, (look at how to store and retrieve Strings from the EEPROM examples in the arduino IDE Examples/InvIoT_U1/EEPROM)

That way you can control the functions of your thermostat through the internet. In the future I will build an example like that.

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