ThingSpeak Using ESP8266

Introduction: ThingSpeak Using ESP8266

This is instructions to use the ESP32 to send data to Thing Speak(MQTT Broker) and just see the monitored data or use the data on your website or to expand your project.


ESP8266 : MCU/WiFi module

BME280 : Temp sensor

Jumper Cables

micro USB Cable

Step 1: Make Account With Thing Speak (Matlab)

Make a account to use Thing Speak

Thing Speak register

You will find the API key and ChannelID on the second picture

Step 2: Download Arduino IDE

First download the Arduino IDE from the following link

Arduino IDE download

※Choose the correct version for your OS

Step 3: Setup Arduino IDE

Go to File/Preference/ (Windows) Arduino/Preference(Mac)

Add the following link to "Additional Board Manager URLs"


Then go to Tools/Board/Boards Manager

Type "ESP8266" and install the board package.

Go to Tools/Board and choose "NodeMCU 1.0"

Then go to Sketch/Include Library/Manage Library

Search for "ThingSpeak" and download "ThingSpeak by MathWorks"

Search for "BME280" and download "BME280 by Tyler Glenn"

Step 4: Install Drivers for the ESP

On the ESP8266 and ESP32 modules chips like Silicon labs CP2104 or CH403G is used as USB to UART to establish Communication with you computer.

If you have a board with a square chip near the USB that will be CP2104

CP2104 Driver

If you have a board with rectangle chip near the USB that will be CH403G

CH403G Driver

Step 5: Connect the Hardware

Connect the Sensor and the ESP8266 according to the image above.

Step 6: Edit the Sketch

Step 7: Upload the Sketch

Step 8: Check If It Is Transmitting Data on the Internet

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    Question 2 years ago

    Hi, I Am getting this comente, any help?

    25-03-2021 03-39-27 p. m..jpg

    2 years ago

    may i ask u something? why this happen after clicked upload? thanks before, i hope u answer cause this is for my assignment :)


    3 years ago

    Thanks so much for this! What was supposed to be a BME turned out to be a BMP280 but it works. One comment, I believe the wiring should be as it says in the letters which is different to where you've drawn the lines so SCL on D1 and SDA on D2. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you for the comment it is a mistake I forgot to update.
    And thank you for trying!