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Introduction: GoPro Pole Mount/GoPole

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1. The small piece of the side mount (as shown in picture)
2. Length of PVC Pipe (mine is 40cm)
3. Stainless steel nut and bolt (so it doesn't rust)
4. Rope of your choice
5. Rubber bike or scooter grip preferably with butt cap (I have an ODI Long Neck Grip off my bike)

Step 1: The Top (where the GoPro Will Be Mounted)

Take the smallest mount off the side mount of your gopro. (I'm talking about the extension bit with the smaller thumb screws)

Cut your PVC Pipe to desired length

Make sure the bottom of the mount fits very snugly into the pipe. If it does not fit perfectly (like mine) use another bit of pipe that will make it a tighter fit (I used reticulation pipe I found in the shed)

Once the bottom of the mount is in, drill a hole through the pipe and the hole in the GoPro mount, making sure it is large enough for your nut and bolt

Thread nut and bolt through the hole and do not do it up too tightly yet as you will need to remove it later.

Step 2: The Pipe

The pipe or middle is pretty straight forward

I sanded the edges off to make it smooth

I wrapped the middle with electrical tape at the very end for looks only, making sure not to cover the nut and bolt

Step 3: The Handle

The handle will need to be and very good fit on the pipe as it will otherwise come off and I don't know about you but I don't fancy holding a piece of PVC Pipe underwater

Before putting the grip on you will need to thread the string/rope through the pipe (this will require you taking the top off) and make a wrist strap (as shown in picture) leave about 7cm of string through the top of your pole.

Push the grip onto the pipe with out the Burt cap on

Once on put the butt cap on and make sure the wrist strap is not inside the pole

Step 4: Finished Product

With the left over string at the top you should probably wrap it around your GoPro for extra security.

You will also have to use the longer thumb screw as the shorter one did not for for me

Once assembled you now have your very own GoPole and have just save yourself $30!

I hope my idea has helped you

Please follow for more DIY GoPro and other things.

Step 5: Another Picture of the Top

Step 6: Another Picture of the Top

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