Introduction: Think Geek Hacks Contest Entry - ReUse a Health Potion Bottle

This is my entry in the Think Geek Hacks Contest. I decided to try and reuse a Health Potion Energy drink bottle. It could be used as a prop in a role playing game or as a neat decoration. I created a basic light to put in the bottle to light it up.

Step 1: Parts

Here are the parts you'll need:

C 1 Empty Health Potion bottle
C 1 piece of plastic
C Super Glue
C Masking Glue
C Food Coloring Dye (Color of your choice)
C Button Cell Battery (Small 1.5 volt)
C A resistor
C An LED of your choice (I used Red)
C Hookup wire

Step 2: Tools

Here are the tools I used:

C Hole punch
C A file or pilers (to enlarge the hole made by the punch)
C Super Glue
C Solder
C Soldering Iron

Step 3: Clean Out Bottle and Prep Cap

After you've enjoyed your drink, clean it out with water. Dry it out before you add more coloring.

Then you'll want to prep the cap to add a hole for the switch. Punch hole in top of bottle lid with a hole punch (or a nail if you don't have a punch). After the hole is made, enlarge hole with pliers or a file. Check it against the switch to make sure you can turn the switch on and off.

Step 4: Test Out Circuit

Test out the circuit with a breadboard or use alligator clips like I did.

Step 5: Assemble Battery

You can make a simple battery by wrapping three batteries with tape and adding leads out from the positive and negative ends.

Step 6: Assemble Light

First solder wires to switch, make sure to get a good connection to the leads. Then solder the resistor to the LED. This is a bit more tricky to get soldered, you might want to try and use a third and or some type of clamp. Next, solder the LED to Switch. Then Finally, solder the battery leads to the resistor and the switch.

Step 7: Final Bottle Steps

First, put water in the bottle, fill it about 1/4 of the way. Then add as much coloring as you want. I added a bit too much to mine. A little bit of coloring goes a LONG way!

Then, you'll need to seal the bottle. Put a piece of plastic in bottle to seal in the liquid. I used a piece of plastic from a Micro SD card package. After you fit the plastic in the bottle, glue in the plastic with Super Glue.

Step 8: Finish

Now, just put the light in bottle. It might be a tight fit, but it should fit.

Step 9: Additional Notes

I wasn't able to get a color changing light to work, but you could try and use a color changing light to get a neat effect. Another neat effect might be something like a Mac-Style “Pulsing” light, an example of that is located at: and at

Another instructable I saw that would be neat to add to your version of this project is the "Programmable LED", that uses an Atmel ATtiny13v is located at:

Thanks for checking out my entry. Good luck to everyone.
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