Introduction: ThinkGeek Bubble Wrap DVD Sleeves

After I received my order i found out that I was left with the unique thinkgeek bubble wrap. When I saw the competition I decided to use the bubble wrap to make a dvd sleeve. I have so many movies that I don't have enough space to put them all somewhere. One day I was looking for a solution when I saw that a dvd fits perfectly in thinkgeek bubble wrap.

Step 1: What You Need:

You will need:

Materials- Thinkgeek bubble wrap
-paper folders(construction paper/ poster board any strong paper will do)
-DVDs and or Video game cases

Tools- Scissors
- Packaging tape (any tape will work but packaging tape is wider)

Step 2: Cut the Bubble Wrap

First take a pin and deflate the bubble wrap. Then cut the bubble wrap under the: free monkey breath enclosed! arrow. Cut the side in which you want the dvd to slide into. Make sure the bubble wrap is cut so that the clear side is where the dvd faces out. Do this four times (or as many as you need)

Step 3: Put the Sleeves on the Folder

Four sleeves can fit on the folder. Loop the tape and put it in six spots on the folder. In the middle (to connect the two sleeves) then put the other pieces on the sides so the sleeve sticks on to the folder.

Step 4: Now Hang It Up and Enjoy Your Sleeves

I hung mine up with a push pin

Step 5: Cool Things to Do With the Sleeve

If you used the folder you can put the sleeves in a binder and take you sleeves mobile.
You can also tape more than one together. I have two together ( holds 8 cases) and I made three of those.

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