This Is My Alien Invasion Parade Float

Introduction: This Is My Alien Invasion Parade Float


2013 parade float

tow vehicle was area 51, with missles to shoot down any UFO's that were sighted

trailer sported a 10' UFO hovering over a corn field dropping off its little aliens

supporting actors, Aliens, Men in Black, Alien Abductions, and Hazmat Alien cleanup crew.

Step 1: Ideas, Research, and Gathering.

idea: aliens
research: found A 10' PVC design online and set out to recreate it.
materials: gathered and repurposed as man materials as I could.

Step 2: Get Some Skin

we used heat shrink boat wrap for the skin

Step 3: Get It Up and Light It.

constructed a wood frame. used 2" metal conduit for the support mast. green flashing LED strips purchased at Advanced Auto

Step 4: Decorate It

Step 5: Drive Slow

driving a little too fast. it imploded on the way to the parade. some last minute repairs and we got it back into position

Step 6: Invite Your Friends

Step 7: Enter a Parade

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