Introduction: This Is a Super Easy and Super Quick Way to Vertically Store Your Kayak

All you need are a couple of 2x4s, 4 big eye screws, two storage straps, some cheap foam, and some spring action clamps to hold the oar. My rack stores two kayaks and two oars.

No kidding, this is easy to do. I have minimal upper body strength and I CAN DO IT. So can you.

For those of you that prefer not to read, I've done a quick video, embedded in the next step.


THE VIDEO. It covers all the points in the Step-By-Step, in like, 3 minutes.


The 2x4's are installed 24" and 90" from the floor. Screw them into studs.

The Eye Screws are spaced 28" apart.

Set the clamps for the oar wherever you like.

Step 3: STORE

Tilt your kayak into place with the bottom facing you.

Loosely place the upper strap so the kayak doesn't fall on your head.

Do the same for the lower strap, but tighten it up.

Use the little holes to lift up the kayak so the nose of the kayak is well off the ground.

Tighten the strap.

If you like, you can toss in a piece of carpet between the kayak and the 2x4s, but I have had this for about 5 years and have had no damage.