Introduction: This Is the Nail Savvy


A successful 3D printed object that can assist people with painting their nails in a more efficient and reasonable way than current methods, especially for recent amputees.

Step 1: Uploading the 3D File

    Download the Nail Savvy file in its .stl file format to your computer from source (Thingiverse)

    Transfer this file into your 3D printer software and orient it in a way that is efficient for your particular machine.

    Step 2: Printing the File

      Transfer generated file from your 3D software to the memory format of your printer (SD, USB drive, on-board memory via cable)

      Begin print process on printer

      Monitor as Nail Savvy is printed.

      Step 3: Assembly

      After successfully printing the Nail Savvy box and inserts of your choosing, the final step before we get to use our Nail Savvy tool is the assembly.

      * Note you can edit an insert for any type of nail polish bottle to fit all cases, here we have developed the standard sizing for the basic model.

      Take the desired polish insert and place it into the nail polish box.

      There the nail polish bottle will be securely held by the box and allow for opening.

      Step 4: Usage: Opening the Bottle

      Place the nail polish bottle into the insert section of the tool

      Then unscrew the nail polish bottle

      Wipe off any unnecessary excess

      Step 5: Usage: Using the Polish Wand

      Take the nail polish wand and place its handle into the at the angle slot at the edge of the Nail Savvy box, the wand will slide into the groove to face away from the box

      Check to make sure the wand is secure

      Then freely guide your nail under the wand to paint as you please

      Step 6: Usage: Using the Nail File

      Place nail file into designated slit

      Then press nail onto the file to file as usual