Introduction: This Nameless Potato Dish

I invented this dish and has no name.

You'll need:


- disregard toward precise measures

- a bunch of potatoes
- some cheese

- canned sweet corn

- eggs

- something meaty

- salt, pepper

Step 1:

Peel the potatoes and slice them thinnly. I uses a potato peeler for both operations. You can also grate the potato but won't taste as good.

Step 2:

Add eggs, salt and pepper.

Step 3:

Mix everything with youir hands. You want the potato to be uniformely smeared with eggs. You might try to add more eggs, but it'll result in a different dish and burden of naming it will lay on you.

Step 4:

For the meaty part I use meat today. At other days I might use canned tuna or mushrooms or go all the way experimental. Chicken is an option...

Anyway, mince your meat. And fry it all around, but not quite all the way through - it'll be baking later. Add salt.

Step 5:

Layer your meat over the potato.

Step 6:

Layer corn over the meat.

Step 7:

Layer grated cheese over the corn.

Step 8:

Cover everything with foil (poke a bunch of holes in it) and send it into the oven fore some 30-40 minutes at 200-220C (I just keep poking it with knife until the potato is soft).

Step 9:

Take it out. Realize it's undercooked BC you've chosen the wrong setting on your oven.

Step 10:

Send it back to the oven.

Make sure it doesn't plot anything against you under that foil cover.

Step 11:

Take it out. Eat it. Good stuff!

Anyway, this is it for today, thank you for your attention and have a nice potato.

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