Introduction: This Tv Starting Acting Up

the tv started to take forever to turn on. I kept getting a red light instead of green.

Step 1: How to Fix a Mitsubihi Tv Maybe Lol

if you get a red light this might be the problem. so to start unplug the tv press the power button a few times to drain the rest of the power that may be stored.

Step 2: Find the Model Number

this is located on the back of the tv follow the power cord It is usually pretty close to it go to amazon type in the model number in get the one you need

Step 3: Locate the Bulb Access Panel

the panel is held in by screws remove the screws set the cover aside clean it if needed

Step 4: Bulb Carrier

two more screws undo those careful not to drop them they are a pain to retrieve. after the screws are out pull the bulb out it may take a bit of force once it out clean the area It will be dusty

Step 5: The Bad Bulb Is Out

now that it is out and cleaned look at the new bulb make sure they are the same install the new bulb put the screws in and almost done

Step 6: Finished

after the new bulb is in screws tight and cover back on plug it back in connect all cables plug it in and turn it on

hope this helps