Introduction: This Is What I Sound Like

Step 1: Instructions

Concept: To experience digital images in its purest form. Digital Images are stored by memory by CODE in bytes of 1 and 0s binary code. This Binary code serves as genetic make-up of the image. Much like organic genetics each image has its unique genetic code or make-up that unique to each image. It’s a play on how we preserve a Image, merging the senses vision and sound, how we view genetics what is organic and non organic.

Stuff You Need: This project uses Processing, an open source free program used to create art with computer code and Hexdump. Hexdump is a free program that allows you to exact that binary data of files, it extremely easy to use simply open any file you wish to exact the binary data.

The project is broken up into two parts sound and image, both done in Processing. If you never used Processing or have experience with computer programming this project might be little difficult. Openprocessing is a site where you can download full functional code, use this in order manipulate a file and turn it into something new.

The sound portion of the project was also done in Processing. A special Processing library called " soundcipher" is needed in order to use the piano sound heard in the video. The processing website has good documentation on how to install the libraries.
Once You have all the programs and libraries installed proceed with converting the image into binary code. Hexdump HEX and not binary, you must covert it binary by using a converter. This is very time consuming- have fun.

Original sketch used:
Convert HEX to Binary:

Step 2: Files

Here is the necessary files to get you started. enjoy.