Introduction: This Is the "Droid You've Been Looking For" Phone Stand

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Here is a cute stand for your tablet or smart phone that is cheap and easy to do.  Just download, edit and print the pattern.

You can customize for differently sized devices, or use one of the extra ideas I've provided in the last step.

card stock or lightweight cardboard (like a cereal box)
transparent tape

straight edge ruler
xacto knife or similar blade
decals or label paper

cut paper without cutting self, furniture or clothing
download and print images
gluing, taping 

image editing
drawing/ coloring
installing wallpaper on smartphone or tablet

Let's go!

Step 1: Your Phone Has Big Dreams

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, your phone dreamt of defeating dark Forces and saving a princess.  It dreamt of crossing a desert, flying an x-wing jet fighter and serving generations of Skywalkers.

Lets help your phone make its dreams come true.


Take a look at the two images.  This is a blank pattern for the phone stand.  

The measurements are for a Nexus 7 tablet.  Keep this in mind for when you print out the droid sheets.  If you print them at full size (one per 8.5x11 sheet), they will be just right for a 7" device.

Look at the notes that explain the measurements and size up or down as appropriate.

If you are resizing the pattern, print it out on cheap paper and make a prototype before continuing.

Step 2: Print the Pretty Droid

As indicated in the previous step, these two files are scaled for a 7" tablet, if you print one per 8.5x11" sheet.  You should resize them for your device.

Print one of each, and glue them to cardboard or card stock. 

I printed onto full-size sheets of sticker paper, and then stuck them onto card stock.

Step 3: Artoo Assemble!

Cut out the pieces.

Fold the stand base on the dashed lines, and tape the back together. 

Notch the back sheet, if desired.  It provides a little extra stability.

Fit all of the pieces together as shown. 

Step 4: Finishing Touches

As a last step, use the back panel image, and install it as wallpaper for your device.  Every system does this differently, so follow the instructions provided for your hardware.

Step 5: Dream On!

You can use the template with other quality images to make more phone stands.

What does your phone dream of?
  • Time travel?
  • Exterminating?
  • Being Lost in Space?
Make something and post it here!
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