Introduction: Thomas LEDison


This is a DIY LED lightbulb project by Lucas Mafra. A nice and easy to make decorative lightbulb or lamp. A burnt E40 or E27 lightbulb, a small LED circuit that works in AC 110 ~ 220V, a cork or cap or just a bulb, and some other little stuff. It´s also cheap and the LED will last at least 100.000 hours. That's 11 years nonstop! A normal light bulb lasts for 1000 hours. When this DIY bulb dies, probably there will be no more incandescent lightbulbs on the market (edit 2017: these are long gone from the market), if so, they will be vintage and much more expensive (like now). =) With honor I present this homage to Mr. Thomas Edison.

Step 1:

You´re gonna need this:

-Burnt E40 light bulb
-A champagne cork
-Wire with AC plug

LED Circuit:
-1N4007 diode
-22K 2W resistor
-one ultra bright LED

Build the LED circuit as shown in the image. The diode goes in parallel with the LED in this way: cathode of the diode with anode of the LED and vice versa. The resistor goes in the anode of the LED. Observe the picture carefully before you solder everything up. If you wire it wrong it won´t light. TEST IT.

Step 2:

You must remove the porcelain or glass part in the light bulb screw, leaving it hollow.
Take out the little glass pin inside by breaking it with a screwdriver. You don´t need to empty the whole bulb, there is enough space for the circuit, but if you are having trouble fitting it, then carefully brake the inner glass (the  filament) part with a screwdriver. Take out the broken glasses of the inside by shaking the bulb.. It will give you more room fit the AC LED in the bulb.

Step 3:

1-Drill a hole in the middle of the cork
2-Pass the wire through the hole and tie a knot, to keep it safe from a short circuit if someone pulls it when it´s hanging, for example.

Step 4:

Avoid short circuit: You must isolate the circuit properly using electrical tape or that shrinking spaghetti plastic thing. See image 7.

All the parts are now ready to be assembled. 
To connect the cork you need to screw it into the hole. It will fit because the sharp metal edge of the screw will slowly cut the cork like a threadmill system. Be careful as you screw, to find the right point, so it stays tight and you can hold the light bulb hanging it by the wire.

Step 5:

Watch the right measure to screw the cork on the next image.

Step 6:

Notice how it´s safe and tight. Don´t screw it too much, that one in the picture is passing the point a bit, but it´s safe.

Step 7:

This is very important: Notice how the circuit is inside the bulb´s inner glass hole, and it´s been isolated to avoid short circuit.

Step 8:

That´s it ! This is a LEDison bulb now! 8-)