Thomas the Train Halloween (Choo-Choo Boo!)

Introduction: Thomas the Train Halloween (Choo-Choo Boo!)

My son is a huge Thomas fan and he wanted to be Thomas for Halloween so we made a train out of cardboard boxes.  The only thing we had to purchase for our project was some duct tape and elastic for the suspenders to holdup  the costume.  It was a huge hit with his friends and family and so much fun to create with my son!!

We started with two big boxes, the bottom of a shoe box, a plastic pretzel container and two plastic drink containers.  We printed a face of Thomas and placed it on the front to see if we could actually make him look realistic. We took some blue spray paint and painted our boxes and used blue paint tape to cover up the areas where we needed more coverage or where we ran out of paint.  We used duct tape to make our stripes and cover the plastic items and used construction paper and foam for our numbers, windows lights, whistles and curved top for our coal fire box.  We used paper towel and toilet paper roles for our front and back buffers and whistles.  We made wheel spokes on plates and attached them for the wheels and took a black trash bag and put in the back of the top box for the coal.  We glued cotton balls on a stick and placed in his funnel for smoke coming out of the steam engine.  We used velcro for our suspenders so he could actually wear the costume with eas and have his hands available to trick-or-treat with his Thomas trick-or-treat pail.  We had a couple of blue reflectors we attached for safety and also taped a small flashlight on the front. He also used a very loud whistle for the sound effects!!  We placed a sign on the back to say Choo-Choo Boo, Happy Halloween and Thank You for the treats he received on Halloween night. 

This was truly an easy project to make that only took a little bit of imagination and creativity and was really cheap since we used supplies we had around the house.  We hope you like our creation that hopefully created a lot of memories for my son . . . it remains in the middle of our room and is played with continuously . . . it survived Halloween and stayed in one piece so hopefully it will make it through daily play!!

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