Introduction: Thor and Loki Cat Helmets

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If you've ever wanted to dress up your cats like the God of Thunder or (probably more accurately) the God of Mischief, then these 3D printed cat helmets are for you.

These helmets are based on the ones seen in the Marvel movies, with a few small modifications to allow for cat ears to poke through.

Step 1: Thor Helmet Design

I used reference images from the films to get the general shape of the helmet and the detailing. Then I removed sections for the cats ears to poke through and did a few test prints to get the scaling right.

The .stl files I produced are attached to this step.

Step 2: Loki Helmet Design

The same technique was used for Loki's helmet, except that it is a little oversized to ensure it fits over the cats ears.

Files are attached to this step.

Step 3: Printing and Assembly

The wings on Thor's helmet are printed separately to the main helmet and glued on afterwards.

The horns on Loki's helmet are also printed separately and should push fit nicely into the holes in the main helmet, to be glued in place to firm them up.

Step 4: Dress-up Time

All done! Enjoy playing dress-up with your cats.

Note: humans may enjoy cat helmets more than the cats do haha

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