Introduction: Thor's Mjolnir

Are you worthy? Welcome to the instruction set to build and complete Thor's Mjolnir. Below you will find a full step process on how to complete your DIY Marvel project. Enjoy and be safe at all times.


Caution use of sharp objects and materials.

1 6x6 piece of wood

Table saw

Wood glue

Drill press

Hammer Handle

¾ inch drill bit

Drill press: drill bit big enough for handle


Paint and wood finish(Optional)

Step 1: Cutting 6x6

Cut 6x6 inch piece of wood into one 8’ section (Caution sharp objects).

Step 2: Cutting Angles

Cut angles into edges of wood Block ¼ ‘ deep on a 45-degree angle.

Step 3: Cutting Caps

Cut caps for block 1’ thick from the 8’ section.

Step 4: Cutting Corners

Cut corners of Block caps ¼ ‘ deep on a 45-degree angle (Table Saw).

Step 5: Cutting Block Cap

Cut block cap front edges ¼’ on a 45-degree angle (Table Saw).

Step 6: Sanding

Sand all edges to make the smooth

Step 7: Drilling

Drill hole through center of block, on bottom of head (Drill Press).

Step 8: Glue Handle & Block Caps

Glue Handle into the handle hole on the block using wood glue. Then glue the Block caps onto the attached hammer head.

Step 9: Completed Mjolnir

Let's hope you are worthy...

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