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Introduction: Thought Ballon - Whiteboard

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I needed a whiteboard for my working place, but none of them I found at the internet or different stores appealed to me and so I decided to make one by myself!

Step 1: Materials & Tools


  • whiteboad (60cm x 40cm)
  • 2 sheets of plywood (DIN A2: 59,4cm x 42,0cm; material thickness: 4mm)
  • wood glue
  • multi power glue
  • double-faced adhesive tape (removeable)


  • lasercutter
  • scissors
  • clamps
  • clothespins
  • pc with some grafik-software (I used inkscape)

Step 2: Disassembling the Whiteboard

Luckily the frame of the whitboard was very simple to disassemble. I just had to hold one side and push the other to the opposite direction! Then the staples were really easy to grab and pull it out of the frame.

After the disassembling of the frame I was a little bit astonished that the white sheet metal was only about 0,2mm thick. But because of this small thickness I could use the scissors to cut out the inner part.

Step 3: Designing & Laser Cutting

Before you start laser cutting you have to design your new frame. I searched for some pictures in the internet for inspiration and then I used inkscape to draw the vectorlines which the laser cutter can handle best.

To cut out the new frame (plywood) you could also use a jigsaw.

As you can see in the last picture I first wanted to make the new frame out of 3 layers of plywood, but after some tests I decided to make it out of 2 layers.

Step 4: Cutting

I also used the laser cutter to make some patterns. The sizes of this patterns were about 8mm smaller then the backplate.

First I positioned all the patterns, then traced them with a permanent marker and finalley cut it out with the scissors.

Step 5: Painting 1/2

I decided to paint the front layer before gluing to avoid black paint on the white sheet metal.

Step 6: Gluing

I first glued the white sheet metal on the back plate (with multi power glue). After a short drying time I took the front plate to glue it on the backplate by using wood glue and some clamps.

Step 7: Painting 2/2

After the drying time of the wood glue had reached its end I painted the rest of the frame.

Step 8: Wall Mounting

To mount the new whiteboard on the wall I used a strong removable double-faced adhesive tape.

Step 9: Finished!

Here are some pics of my new whiteboard. It was fun to built it and I learned a lot!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my instructable!

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