Thread Organizer Out of a Cork Board and Toothpicks




Introduction: Thread Organizer Out of a Cork Board and Toothpicks

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I cant tell you how many times I go digging in my sewing box and find all of the spools of thread twisted together! This project is going to make your sewing days a dream cruise...well, something like that. It's cute, cheap, and keeps you organized and I love organized.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

What You Will Need:
-Cork Board
-Toothpicks (notice mine are little umbrellas. Hey, do what you can with what you have, right!)
-Measuring tape or ruler
-Marker or Pen
-A nail or pin to hang it up

Step 2: Lets Begin!

1. Start by laying your cork board on the ground

2. Lay your ruler or measuring tape down:

- 3" from the top
- Put a dot every 2" across your board

Note: Play around with where you would like your toothpicks to be.
I choose to space mine out every 2", but do whatever works for you!

Step 3: Hammer in Toothpicks

3. Push your toothpick into the cork board a little.

4. Do it on a slight angle, so the thread wont fall right back off after you slide it on

5. Hammer a toothpick in each dot you made

Step 4: Make Another Row

6. Measure 3" down from your first row of toothpicks to add a second row:

Again, you can play around with the spacing

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2-6

7. Repeat steps 2-6

I did 4 rows of 7 & 1 row of 3

Step 6: Hang Up Your Board!

Hang your new board up


Hang your thread up!

Step 7: ENJOY!!!

Thank you for checking out my project!

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Happy Crafting!!

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10 years ago on Introduction

Oh, so cute! I am definitely making something like this to go in my new crafting area.


6 years ago

What a brilliant idea for all those who sew. I love this idea and will trying out myself.


6 years ago

So much better than digging through my basket and swearing each time! :) thanks. Will do like fcnails and add my matching bobbins, too!

OMG I really needed a thread holder, and my kids didn't take the not so subtle hints the last couple of Xmases!! Love your idea, but how did your toothpicks hold up?


9 years ago on Introduction

Great idea, I tried this and it makes all my thread much more manageable.


9 years ago on Introduction

How brilliant. I just thought of a fun modification of this:

A piece of scrap wood or similar wrapped in pretty fabric, using finishing nails as the pegs. How nice would that look in your sewing area?