Introduction: Thread Stamp / Printing

this is very easy technique to get beautiful thread prints.. you can use your creativity to create new designs.
for this technique you will need-

Poster/Fabric colors
water color pens for adding details
for applying paint to thread

Step 1:

-Wind  thread around your fingers as shown in the photo.
-take out the thread ring so formed from your fingers gently
-take another piece of thread and tie a knot at one part of the ring as shown in the photo, so as the ring so formed is not disturbed.
-with the help of scissors, cut the thread ring exactly opposite from the knot, refer photo

Step 2:

-cut the extra thread from the knot
-align all the thread parts together, as shown in the picture
-with the help of brush apply your favorite color to the thread, this part is little messy.
-now you can print/ stamp the colored thread on the paper. you may need to apply some pressure with your fingers to get proper print.

Step 3:

-you can print designs using your creativity..
- here i have tried two designs
-you can add details using water color pens, after the paint has dreied

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