Introduction: Threading a Guru Bead 1

A guru bead is a three holed bead that is used to finish Buddhist malas or prayer beads.
Also known as the 'mother bead'.

To complete you will need:
1 guru bead (plus tower)
1 length of thin beading wire 

Step 1: Shape the Wire

Twist the wire around itself so it is a needle shape.
use your fingers to make a curve at the end.
At the other end thread string through wire loop.

Step 2:

Thread wire through one side of bead. 
The curve should allow it to come out through the central hole. 
Pull the string through. 

Step 3:

Repeat with the other side of the bead.

Step 4: All Done

Thread the tower .
This can also be done with a small hook see my other instructions. 


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