Introduction: Three LED Projects...Or What to Do With Dead Stuff

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 This Instructable is actually three separated projects. I will show how to brink life in dead things. All the projects first are done and then I decided to make them Instructables. All are very simple, needs medium experience with some   electronics and tool usage. All are product of one afternoon and I made  one after other. Aim was to clear out my workbench from dead stuff and some of them to throw away but actually all these gave me nice ideas.
As general material I use LEDs and Soldering iron, some wires and enough time.
The three Instructable are in the physical order I made them. 

Step 1: 1...Use Your Glasses to See Better...

 Nothing more obvious. Yes but there's a hint. I have about twenty glasses. Due to a surgical operation I did when I was child I need to change glasses every year! So I have a bunch of  useless glasses and also same number of frames. I was ready to throw away these but then I had the idea to use one pair us a torch light to read better.
So I get out the glasses from the framework and I added 2 leds Ultra bright White, 2 LED cases  some wire, a AA battery pack, and an on/off switch. Also some wire covers to isolate the joints.

The LED case is really heavy. I choose this for better result but is a bit of trouble to maintain it at any branch of the framework, specially mine which is very thin. I use a bigger nut to support it and a tighter to give full support. With the nut I succeeded the angle i wanted of the light. I wanted each LED looks about 10 degrees more left and more right like in figure 

Step 2: Add the Battery Pack and the Switch.

 After the installation of the two leds now has turn some simple calculation to estimate the lenght of the cable for each led and also for the battery pack. The lenght might be enough to fit your head perimeter and also you need some extra wire for the battery pack and the switch. I prefer to work with twisted pair of wires from dead computers, like the audio cable and this has also the appropriate lenght. Follow the next image. 

For battery pack I prefer to work with 2 AA case because they last long and has the needed Amps to give power to the Ultra bright LEDs.

Just pay attention the joints and also use isolated tape or thermoattached cable to isolate the joints to avoid any close circuit. 

Glasses are ready to test them....

Step 3: 2...Brink Life to a Dead Fish...

 Actually is not fish but lives in the sea. Is an echinoderm (Greek Word)  a simple echinous. In Greece we adore them. When we see them we are happy because their existence is very closed connected with clear sea waters. We eat them and use them as a bite to catch fishes and we adore to collect the skeleton of this animal to decorate our houses. The shell is very fragile. We clean it very carefully and using just 5 drops of clorium with a part of vinegar in about 5 liters of water we wash them and we remove the bad smell of dead fish.

My wife has a huge collection of shells and today I found in my balcony one more vase with any kind of shell. So I took 3 of them and I added a led and it became a nice mood light. Specially the one with the RGB led. Its very simple just pay attention with the shells.  I used a base of a plastic and some wires, a switch and a battery case. The final product is very beautiful. follow me please.

Step 4: The Circuit, What Circuit

 There's no circuit like we know it. All leds the positives are wired the negatives are wired and anywhere you want attach the battery case and the switch.  Initially i used two button batteries (232) but the RGB led needs more than simple 1,7 V (I think it needs about 2,4V) So I decide to use an AA battery pack. 

With a dremel open the holes for the LEDs. I support the LEDs with hot glue and then i wire them like in picture. Very simple very effective.

I support the case and the switch also with hot glue and after that I put the shells exactly above the LEDs. Its amazing simple. No circuit no electronics.

Watch the video    

Step 5: 3...Use Your Dead Cell Phone As a Messages Dropper

 All we have dead cell phones. Some we throw away all the kit some others among them and me we operate the cell phone and we take out all the electronics available: Leds, motor, speaker, buzzer SMD electronics etc. And remains the shell of the phone. Do what with it? Usually we keep it (doesn't take big space) and maybe an idea will come to reuse it. But what about to give back his life and make it important like it was in the recent past? What about to use it as a message dropper  and have the friends and roommates the needed messages with it? Use it like a post it!

No more electronics and confused things. Glue the keypad and open a hole at the lenght of the screen. Put a LED like a nice RGB led with 3V button cell and use the battery case to keep the paper pieces for your messages. Add a  cable driver at the side to hold a pencil. Also take one of these strong magnets you took from the broken HD and stick it to the fridge. Now Everybody will see the illuminate, colorful message. Write down something important but everybody we forget to say: Write down that we love our friend/wife.roommate etc...Simple and effective communication

These are my 3 LED constructions. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to ask about them. I will see you all in my next instructable.