Three Step Fake Virus Message Prank

Introduction: Three Step Fake Virus Message Prank

This Is an easy three step D.I.Y. prank that is fun to do and quick.

Step 1: Making the Message

Open Notepad (Window operating system)

Type in the following
(This is %100 harmless)

Answer=msgbox(“”,16) (between the quotes write your message)

Step 2: Saving

Go to save as then save it to your desktop or anywhere where you will be able to find it.Save it as a .vbs file.

Easy Enough :-)

Step 3: Making It Look Real

On the desktop right click go to new> shortcut then click browse click on the vbs file then finish.Right click the finished shortcut then go to properties>customize>change icon then click on the Internet explorer icon and ok and apply then hide the real one in another fileRename the file to match the icon so when someone clicks on it to open internet it shows your message.

This is perfect for someone who doesn't know a lot about computers because they won't be able to tell a real message from a fake one. ;-))

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    Thank you all who made something similar to my instructable for the inspiration. same goes to my batch file.