Introduction: Three Part Turned Wooden Candlestick.

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This is a short slide show showing a few of the stages of this 3 part candlestick project I made as a gift for my aunt, I had not planned to do a full Ible on the construction as it was entirely unplanned with no initial design at all, I tend just to start turning and when a basic shape appears I take it from there. I will not go into detail of how to turn the various parts.

The project is a practice piece using the Record power Nova G3 chucking system I recently purchased for my wood lathe.

My aunt was visiting and had seen some of the early work I had been doing with the new chuck. She remarked how one of her friend had I nice wooden candle stick so I offered to make her a candlestick as a test project.

The candle stick was made in three parts form reclaimed timber from old fire doors and door frames.

I have added the copper liner from a water fitting to the the candle holder this will act as a heat sink if a candle is left burning and will cause the candle to go out rather than allowing the candle stick to burn aided by the melted wax in the candle stub. The copper liner was epoxied into the candle holder once the final assembly was done.

The candle stick was finished with french polish, which has really brought out the sparkle of the the grain in this wood. I had originally planned to do some inlay work on the candle stick but decided to stick with simple burnished lines using copper wire to burnish the decorative lines.

Once the various pieces where finished and polished to my liking, I refitted the base on the chuck and fine tuned the fit of the taper joint. The joints where coated with Titebond wood adhesive and the spindle and candle holder where assembled on the lathe using the revolving center as a clamp to tighten the pieces together until the glue sets.

Went the glue had set further coats of french polish and bees wax where added until the desired finish was achieved.

I am pleased with the finished project and I decided to do this short slide show and enter the candlestick in the woodworking competition.  Thanks for looking and I hope you like this finished project.

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