Introduction: Three Phase Power Demo Box

The premise of this build was to recycle a an old crank up flashlight. After a time the battery would not hold a charge. I replaced with a newer crank flashlight.

Step 1: Parts List

Parts List:

1 crank flashlight with working crank generator:

1 Small Breadboard small DC motor

several LEDs

several 220 ohm resisters

Step 2: Check Out You Crank Generator

The output from the crank generator is 3 wires all about the same wire gauge. For my project I extended theses wires and use solid wire that would easily plug into the breadboard. I reused the main board from the flashlight which has the diode bridge a battery holder and circuitry for the old flashlights LED's. check for voltage between each wire label them ABC measure A to B ,B to C and C to A. they should be close

Step 3: Attach the Crank Generator to Something Solid

Remember to demonstrate this you have to crank the crank handle. So find a suitable chunk of wood or something. Screw it down to secure it. Hot glue and screw the regulator board down nearby this is to show rectification and regulation of the board.

Step 4: Pick You Loads

For my demo box i have an old dc motor with a offset weight. I chose this because it is easy to see the spinning weight.