Introduction: Thrivaltech Respirator Manifold

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In response to the COVID19 outbreak, ThrivalTech has teamed up the the COVID Skunkworks Group in southern Oregon and designed a multi-port manifold for the Avea Part #: 32029-001 from Vyaire. This manifold is meant to allow up to 6 patients to use a single ventilator vs a single patient per ventilator.

This is the step by step process to create the ThrivalTech Rev 2 6-Port Ventilator Manifold.
Cura was used to slice the model, and an Ender 3 was used to print the part in PLA. Other slicer programs and printers can be used as well as filament types.


3D Printer

PLA Filament


Razor Blade


Thin Rod

Step 1: Align Model

Align model vertically in slicer program (Cura Shown) .stl included above

Step 2: Enable Print Settings

Enable the following print settings:

•Ender 3

•Filament Type: PLA

•Layer Height: .2mm

•Infill Density: 60%

•Support Placement: Everywhere

•Build Plate Adhesion

•Wall thickness: 1.32mm

Note: Ensure that the ambient temperature
is as close to the bed temperature as possible to minimize shrinkage. Careful to shield the electronics from any externally applied heat. The picture above shows an example of shrinkage.

Step 3: Removing the Supports

When the print is complete, remove all supports in between the ports and mounting hole.

Be careful when removing supports to maintain highest quality surfaces.

Grab supports with pliers

Step 4: Remove the Supports

Apply perpendicular torque on supports and break them free from the manifold.

Step 5: Punch Out the Supports

Use a hammer and rod to punch out the inner-port supports.

Step 6: Remove Imperfections

Take a razor blade and remove any imperfections in the surface filament. Do not sand with sandpaper as this creates a more porous structure and particulates.

Step 7: Install Manifold

Apply manifold as shown in picture.

Step 8: Print Port Cap(s)

Port caps are used to block unused ports on the manifold.

Step 9: Use of Port Cap