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Brace yourself. April 6th is coming! (Season 4 Premier) Want to throw a Game of Thrones watch party or even a name day (birthday) party? This instructable can hopefully give you some ideas. 

My friends and I love love love Game of Thrones. This was a thirtieth birthday party for one of our friends.

Instructable complete with:
& Food

Games of Thrones © HBO

Step 1: Planning

The first step was to choose the date of the party and assign tasks to everyone. 

This party had:

a Dolthraki tent 

Candy jars with etched house symbols

Moroccan lanterns 

Winterfell cake

Winter forest cupcakes

Heart tree


Tart-Geryen Berry tart

Dragon eggs

House banners

Main courses: Beef stew with trenchers (bread bowls)   and rotisserie chicken. 

and more.....

Step 2: Invitation

You should send out invitations at least four weeks ahead of time, if possible. 

There are many other ideas online but I made this invite with Photoshop.

Create a weathered brown background ( Use this background for both the front and back.

Raven Photoshop brush used:

Use medieval fonts such as: BlackChancery and RingBearer ( 

Trim any white edges after printing. 

Then roll into a scroll and tie with a length of raffia and attach a black (raven feather). You can find both at a craft store. 

If mailing, you will have to use a tri-fold but you can still tie and add your feather. 

Step 3: Feasting

Plan out who is bringing what food. 

Tart covered with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries arranged like the Targaryen sigil. 
Made by: Amber

Idea from:

Heart tree of the old gods of the forest
Round cake with a tree trunk made of a parsnip, coated in white chocolate and topped with red icing. Shaved red chocolate candy melts sprinkled around for fallen leaves. 
Made by: Shane

Godswood Cupcakes.
Red velvet cupcakes covered in cream cheese icing and sprayed with an edible pealrescent coating. Trees made from melted chocolate drawn on wax paper. Let set then place on top of the cupcakes. Then dab a little icing on the chocolate tree branches for snow.
Made by: Megan

Horses heart. Heart mold bought on amazon and filled with cherry jello. Made by: Megan

Winterfell cake: Instructable found here:
Made by: Me

Main Course: Trenchers (breadbowls) and beef stew.
Made by: Amber

Deviled Dragon Eggs (not shown :( ) : Similar method used from instructions here:
Made by: Amber

Also we had more natural foods set out like apples and grapes and rotisserie chickens 

Step 4: Props

I used some things I already had around the house for the centerpiece and decoration here and there. You'd be surprised what you can put together with things you already have. 

Here is what we had for props and decorations:

House Sigil Banner
Made by Amanda

Glass cups with etched sigils: candy for the etched house sigil on each glass. 
Targaryen - Redhots or hot tamales
Tulley - Sweedish Fish
Stark - Yogurt covered rasins
Lannister - Chocolate gold coins and 100 grand candy bars
Tyrell - Sunflower seeds
Greyjoy - Gummi Octopi 
Baratheon - Air heads (I love it)
Martell - Peanut butter hearts
Made by: Amber

Dragon Eggs: See instuctable
Made by: me

Dolthraki Tent - I designated a corner of my living room. Using 3 command hooks I strung up some string in a triangle in the corner and hung curtains over the strings. Then I also added a string of patio lights up near the top of the curtains.
I used a decorative bench and some ornate pillows as a sitting place. For a finishing touch I added some fake greenery around. 

Raven Scrolls: I took some strips of paper and dipped them in a watered down brown acrylic paint mixture. Wrinkle them up then lay out flat to dry. Rip the corners and edges slightly then write a quote from game of thrones on the scroll. Then roll back up and place next to a raven decoration. 
Here are what some of mine said: "Where are my dragons?!," "There is only one god and his name is death. And what do we say to Death: 'Not today.'" and of course "Hodor."

Moroccan Lanterns: Use gold puff paint and tinted mason jars. DIY instructions here: 
Made by: me and Amber

Step 5: Let the Party Begin

I recommend setting out props the day before. 

Start a GOT marathon, watch the season 4 premier or celebrate a birthday. 

Extra fun: Dress up as your favorite character! Please no reenactments though .O_o.

Most importantly, have a good time!

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