Throw a Studio-C Party

Introduction: Throw a Studio-C Party

My family love the BYU show Studio-C. It is so funny and everyone can enjoy it without having to worry about screening it before the kids watch. My kids have got into making their birthday parties themed and it was my oldest's idea to have a Studio-C birthday party for her and the family.

We came up with some fun ideas on what we would need to make it a Studio-C theme for her party and have thought up other ideas since that would have made it even more fun or that could have made it a much bigger party than what we threw together for her.

There are so many options to throw a Studio-C theme party that can really make them fun. With all the skits and sketches, costumes and themes there are so many options. Their subject matter is broad and varied so you can really mix it up with options.

Step 1: Involve Your Guests.

Depending on how involved you want your guess to get will depend on what you need to tell them about their attendance at your party. You can do a full costume party getting them to dress up as their favorite character from the show. Studio-C skits have used so many characters of their own and so many characters from movies, TV , literary and others there are lots of options for your guests. It's amazing how realistic your guests can get their costumes. ;)

If you are planning a costume party make sure you let them know enough time ahead of the party so they can plan and get their costume ready. Putting the costume selection in your guests hands makes your job easier since you don't have to provide any costume favors or getting activities ready for the kiddies.

You can also have simple party with party favors from your local party or dollar store for all your guests to become the characters they want. If its a kids party and need some activities to keep them busy you can have them make their character props or favors from paper and craft supplies making it part of the party.

For the Studio-C my daughter wanted for her birthday we had a mix of adults and kids of many ages so we picked up some costume props from our local party store called Zurchers. You can also find everything you could need online or at your local dollar store. We found paper batman masks, plastic viking helmets, stick on mustaches, big thick lens glasses, and more. We also pulled some capes and other items from the kids costume and dress-up collection to use.

If you are having a kids party and are using the party activities to keep them busy here are some easy options for them to make their own party favors, but more on that later.

Step 2: Food

Since Studio-C have some long running sketch characters that involve food and others that aren't repetitive but can make for some funny quotes from the show it is easy to include the food in your theme. Their sketches subject matter give you the option to keep the price down on the cost on food for the party.

  • Soups - Since bisque is a long running and popular skit, soups are a good option for your party. For a party with adults you may actually need to provide some form of bisque. Luckily the one skit mentioned so many flavors of bisque you have many options. If the party is mostly kids you can get away with calling all your soups some form of bisque since they don't know what a bisque is. Kids will totally buy that you are serving chicken noodle bisque or hamburger bisque, or chili bisque. Your adult guests probably won't be as easily fooled, but then again they did offer lettuce bisque. Be careful with the poisonous mushroom bisque thought.

*This is the one area where if you decide on going with the actual lobster bisque from the sketch you might not save that much on your food costs.

  • Sandwiches - Their sandwich line sketch is also a great one. Sandwiches are easy, they don't have to cost a lot, and you can offer the fixings and let your guests build their own on a sandwich bar. This way you can stand behind them as they choose and make fun of them.
  • Health Food - If your group are into health food you can put out the fruits and veges. See who can come up with the best reasons to eat their more exotic health food fads.
  • Drinks - Smoothies are popular and healthy so is water, but there are so many options you really can't go wrong.
  • Other options - shrimp (just make sure they don't have deadly allergies), and spicy foods are also acceptable. Just don't look at Matt when he eats it.

Really anything is great don't try to keep your food only within what they have shown. Studio-C is such a great mix of all kinds of sketches and subject matter they will eventually cover what ever you serve. Just have fun.

Step 3: Decorations

Lucky for you Studio-C has set the standard that the decorations can be everything at once and there are tons of other sketches with single theme decorations to use. It is really open to whatever you want. The Studio-C canvas is so varied and open your decoration options are not really restricted and you really don't need to decorate much.

You just have to remember they have had sets all over: restaurants, outdoors, caves, flower shops, schools, parent's basement, etc., etc.

You can also come up with your own ideas. We printed off pictures of cast and characters from the show from the internet and quotes from the show and posted them around. (Sorry no photos, we didn't take any of our decorations.)

Step 4: Games and Activities

Like I said earlier activities for the kids can include making the favors like mustache and glasses. Here are some options:


  • Mustache - Jeremy's mustache is a significant part of Studio-C, but his is not the only one. Mr. Ecklestone is one of my favorites. There are lots of free downloadable mustache patterns and templates. Just get some construction paper, craft foam, or craft felt for the kids to cut them out on. You can let them trace the patterns themselves or save some craft material by doing the tracing for them then cut them out.
  • Glasses - The Bisque family's glasses are also a very recognizable part of the show. Give them some black paper or black pipe cleaners and let them make some glasses. I included a paper template for glasses to give them something to follow that also includes a print, cut and glue pattern.
  • You can put out colorful craft paper or craft foam and let the kids design and make their own super hero masks, or find printable masks online and let them color the masks themselves. They can make their favorite heroes, villains, or vikings from the show.


  • For kids games there is the Pin the Mustache on Jeremy game. Print it out connect the top and bottom, cut out the mustaches, get a blind fold and let the kids play.
  • Mafia - Have a game of mafia or a murder mystery, lets just hope you don't have any guests who take it as literal as Jason.
  • Shooting Booth - Get an airsoft gun and a card board box to set up a little shooting booth with some cut out duck silhouettes and keep score of who is the best shooter.
  • Video games - Always a favorite with kids, teens, and some adults. They may even learn to be more moral and responsible from their example, but results may vary.
  • Would You Rather - Let your guests come up with their own comparisons by playing would you rather.
  • Guess the Quote - You or your guests write favorite quotes from the show on slips of paper and have them guess which show the quote is from.
  • Best Impersonation - See who can do the best impersonation of their favorite character. Another option is to put character names in a hat, have them select one and do their best impersonation. One more is to pick a few of the most popular characters and have very one give their best try to see who it the best.
  • Dungeons and Dragons - Is also an option if you want, just beware of hot cousins and critical fails.
  • Or, just have fun watching the shows from their YouTube channel or from their season DVDs.

Come up with your own activities and games that match the theme, post your ideas to the comments.

Step 5: Have Fun

Have fun with your party. Studio-C is really about fun in various situations and varied subject matter so your party can be too. They really mix it up on the show and you should too. Don't get so involved in keeping things within what has been shown before. Build on the ideas and fun they have in the show to have your own fun. Just don't let your brain ruin your party.

Remember every show ends with all the cast coming on set and dancing and having fun, you should too.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    My daughter's party was fun. Luckily for my family we came speak entirely in movie and TV quotes, and this show has a ton to use, which made it more fun.