Introduction: Thumb Painting

Thumb painting is an interesting way to paint things and give them a personal touch. It's one of the exercise where you literally get you hands dirty. Kids simply love to do such activities.

As the name suggests, you will be painting with your thumb impressions.

The process is extremely simple to execute and is a fun activity for children. Here, we will be sharing some unique points to get more interesting designs through this simple technique.

Level: Beginner

Materials required:-

  • Water colours/ Neon colours
  • Clean hands
  • Painting brush

Step 1: Making the Drawing

Make the drawing on a blank drawing sheet.

Here you can see the drawing of a pot. You can download and use any clipart or images as well.

Prepare the water colour in the mixing plate by adding few droplets of water. The amount of water should be limited. Otherwise your drawing will get wet.

Mix them thoroughly using a brush.

Step 2: Getting Thumb Impressions

Now, coat the colour on your thumb using a brush.

Note that you need to coat only up to the upper half, otherwise you may get distorted imprints.

For making interesting multi-colour designs, coat your thumb with two colors, like here we have upper half coated with green and lower half coated with orange.

Now put your thumb onto drawing sheet and press foe 2-3 secs. Repeat the process to fill up the drawing.

Do apply the colour on thumb after each imprint.

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