Introduction: Thumb Print Christmas Lights Card

This thumb print lights Christmas card is a wonderful card for friends or family during the Christmas season.
It is made by dipping your thumb in different colored paints to create the light bulbs.

Step 1: Supplies

What you need:

Markers (red, green, and black)
Card Stock (3 sheets - 2 are extras)
Paper Towels
Paint (variety of colors)

Step 2: Preparing the Card

First, you want to get one piece of card stock and fold it exactly in half with a good crease.
Then, tilt the card horizontally and draw two black curvy lines for the wire on the card.

Step 3: Making the Thumb Prints

On this step you need to start making thumb prints. See the pictures and tips on the pictures.

Step 4: More Thumb Prints!

Just keep on adding thumb prints!

Step 5: Finishing

Draw the black oval like shapes at the end of the light bulbs to connect it to the light bulbs.
After that just simply write "Merry Christmas!" inside the card with alternating red and green markers, and your done!
Optional: If you would like, you can add any other items you'd like such as glitter, or foam shapes. Anything special will work.
This is a great card for family or friends. Enjoy making this card!
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