Introduction: Thumb Mounted Pencil Shooter

This is my first instructable so easy on the comments please. This is probably classed as an office weapon but apart from that i'm not sure what to say about it except it works really well.

Step 1: Items Needed

This is a pretty simple build for which you will need one large rubber band, one small rubber band cut in half, a clip, and a sharp pencil.

Step 2: Attaching the First Band.

Simply unfold the clip and put the large band round it.

Step 3: EASY!

Now flip down the handles of the clip over the band.

Step 4: Turning the Band.

Just look at the picture

Step 5: Second Loop.

Now bring the band under the clip handles. The previous turn in the band will stop it from coming loose.

Step 6: The Thumb Attachment

Tie the small band around the bottom of one of the clip handles.

Step 7: Securing

Now wrap the small band around both the clip handles. Now you are done.

Step 8: ...........

fit it over your thumb

Step 9: ?

Bring the band back over the top of the clip towards you

Step 10: Firing !!!!

Pull back the pencil and fire.

Step 11: My Cat.

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