Introduction: TiNM 2020 ZKJ - Party Hat

This is a very basic set of instructions that I created to document how I went about making this fun "party hat" using Circuit Playground Express!


Circuit Playground Express & Battery Pack ( with 3 AAA), Computer, Needle, Thread, Hat or other surface, and scissors

Step 1: Build Your Circuit Playground Express Pattern

This is an example using the "when A button is pressed" and "when B button is pressed " to control colors and sounds that will occur on your item. Using a "clear will stop the color from staying on.

Step 2: Add a Motion Sensor or Other Sensor!

I used the motion sensor so that when even the circuit is shaken it will pay a different sound and light up

Step 3: Download Your New Program to Circuit Playground Express

Step 4: Find Where You Want to Place Your Circuit - I Chose a Hat!

Step 5: Don't Forget to Find a Place to Put the Battery Pack!

Step 6: Use a Needle and Thread to Sew the Circuit Onto Your Surface

Step 7: This Is What My Hat Looks Like When I Finished Sewing It

Step 8: Start Playing!

When button A is pressed these lights turn on ( along with a sound)

Step 9: Have Fun!

When button B is pressed these lights turn on ( along with a sound)

Step 10: !

When the hat is shaken these bright lights come on and a different sound plays !

Enjoy making and playing!