Introduction: Tic-Tac Double Headphone Jack!

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When I was on a field trip with my class, I saw a few boys using a device that you plug into the headphone port on your ipod and it allows two sets of headphones to listen to the music from one ipod.  I wanted to make my own and prove that it costs less to make your own than to buy a commercial product.  I know that many people listen to music, but not all people own their own ipod, so I decided to create a small portable device that could allow two people to listen to the same music from the same ipod just like the device I saw on the fieldtrip.  This is super easy to make and it costs about $5 or if you already have some of the materials, it would cost less.  I would highly recommend building this with kids and students because it is simple to make and it requires few easy to find materials.  I hope you enjoy building your double headphone jack!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need...

* 2x headphone ports
* An old pair of headphones
* A tic tac container


* A lighter
* a wire stripper
* An awl
* Hot glue Gun (with glue)

Step 2: Preparation

To prepare your container, poke a hole in the bottom using the awl.  Make sure the hole is big enough to fit the headphone jack from the headphones and some of the protective plastic around the jack.

To prepare your headphones, cut the wires about 3 inches away from the jack.  Pull apart the two wires and strip each one using your wire strippers.  Inside should be a colored wire and a copper wire.  To make the wires easier to deal with, burn the ends using your lighter.  Now you should have 4 burnt non-insulated wires.

Step 3: Wiring

To correctly wire this, you must connect the positive and negative wires of one of the headphone strands, and wrap it around one of the prongs on the headphone ports. It does not matter which prong you connect the positive to and the negative to.  Take the other wire of that pair of wires, and do the same but on the other prong. To ensure that your connections are secure, smother the connections with hot glue.  Repeat this process with the other set of wires and the other port.

Step 4: Finishing

Glue the two ports together side by side and make sure they fit inside the tic tac container's lid.  Place the two ports inside the lid in a position so that when you open the lid the two ports are showing.  Hot glue these in place.  Put the lid back on the container and you are finished!  Now is when you can add paint if you want to make it look better. 

Step 5:

I hope you enjoyed making your very own double headphone port, and don't get stuck in a situation where you are the only person without an ipod.  Just bring this with you and you can listen to a friends music!  Questions and Comments are encouraged, so please post them below!  Thanks!


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