Introduction: Tic Tac Toe

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Tic Tac Toe

This is a really easy project that any one can do, You really could do this with limited tools.

I use and recycle an old Rimu Head board but you could use anything. (You can also make this any size you wish just scale it up or down to suit your requirements. My original plan was to make it 300mm x 300mm but the board I used was only 280mm so I scaled it down.

Cut a square, while I use the table saw you could use a circular saw, jigsaw or cut by hand. I depends on what you are making it from.

You certainly do not have to put in the groove cuts if you do not have a table saw, and if you make this out of MDF you can easily paint the project. After I cut the grooves I find the centre of each square that is made and drill a 6mm hole about half way deep using a stop on the drill press. You could do this with a hand drill and a piece of tape to show how deep to drill.. I then cut x9 6mm dowel about 20mm long and and glue them in.

I use 12mm ply for the playing pieces (mainly because that is what I had lying around) and I use a 65mm hole saw on the drill press. I then redrill the centre hole to 7mm so it easily goes over the 6mm dowel.

Now to make the X's I go back to the table saw and rip a couple of strips of ply at 65mm and then with the cross cut sled and a stop block I make 5 squares at 65mm x 65mm. I measure in 10mm from every corner an then use a quick-trisquare to roughly get the angle... this was all done by eye.

I use normal double sided tape to join them all together and proceed to cut out on the bandsaw. Then the final sand and a spray coat of shellac. This would be a good gift for a young child or even an easy project to make to sell at the market fairs.

The good thing is with this you can take it travelling in the car and a little bit of fun along the way.

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