Introduction: Tic Tac Toe ( Made With a 2x4 )

Hi guys!

I made a tic tac toe wooden toy game out of a piece of 2x4. This project is easy to make, and it's also really cheap to make. For me it costed 0$ because i already had all the material laying in the shop.


- 2x4 scrap wood lumber ( 3.5'' long )

- Wood stain ( optional )

You will also need a little piece of wood and a screw, this will be for a ''gate'' to keep the marbles inside the game when you are not using it.

Step 1: Marking and Drilling the Holes

First, you will need 3.5'' long of a 2x4. Your measure should be 3.5'' x 3.5'' x 1.5''. You can change the measures here, the important is to keep it square. The thickness need to be at least 1.5'', but i can be more.

I drill two (3/4'') holes on the side of the 2x4. The holes are at 1'' from the sides. I use my drill press for this step, to make sure i keep a 90° angle. The depth of the holes depend of the sizes of the marbles you will use for your game. In my case, i had to use my cordless drill to go deeper because i can't go deep enough with my drill press.


Step 2: Routing the Edges

Using a ¼'' corner router bit, i round all the edges of the 2x4. It will be more friendly to the hand and it won't show the imperfections, and also remove the chance of getting a splinter.

Step 3: Counter Sink Holes for the Marbles

When playing the tic tac toe game, you don't want your marbles to move around so using a large drill bit, i drill some counter sink holes to hold the marbles in place. Again, the size of the drill bit will depend of the size of the marbles you have. I used the tip of a 3/8 drill bit to make these counter sink holes.

Step 4: Adding the Little ''gate''

I now screw a little piece of scrap wood between the two storage holes that will act as a little ''gate'' to keep the marbles inside the game. This will be very practical because you can just throw your tic tac toe in your backpack, no need to carry a separate bag for the marbles.

Step 5: Adding Some Finish

I put some outdoor wood stain on my project, it will be durable and waterproof so you can carry your tic tac toe game anywhere without worrying about your game to be damaged.

The color is boathouse from sico paints. It was some leftover from my bed frame video so it didn't add cost to the project.

Step 6: Grooving the Lines

Using a grooving bit, i groove the lines into the 2x4. If you don't have a table router you can skip this part and make the lines using a permanent marker, but for sure the grooved lines will look better, and they will be permanent for real.

Step 7: Finishing Touch!

I'm adding some rubber bumpers under the tic tac toe game then i screw back the little ''gate'' in place.

Step 8: And We Are ... Done! :)

Thanks for watching my instructables. Don't forget to subcribe on my youtube. Please if you have any questions you can reach my on youtube it's easier for me to reply there! :)