Introduction: Tic Tac Toe Pallet Refurb

This was a fun project that the wife came to me with. Took about 5 hours with the pallet. But if use Grade A lumber from a supply store, would probably cut the time down by an hour.

Step 1: Pallet Refurb Tic Tac Toe Bathroom Shelf

See Lumber required in attached photo. Or reclaim a pallet in which I did with 1x6's. I should mention, the two colors are for two complete shelves.

Tools Required:

1. Kreg Jig

2. Mitre Saw

3. Sander

4. Brad Nailer

5. Drill and Kreg Jig Bit

6. 1 1/4" self tapping wood screws

Step 2: Start Building the Shelf...

Once all lumber is cut, take your time in jigging all shelf dividers using the Kreg Jig. (Home Depot 53.99).

Then build shelf from the bottom up. Once completed, all squares should be 5.5" wide, Long, and Height.

***I went 25.5" long on the main shelves and left 3" on each side. I also installed 4 top and bottom 3" pieces to uniform the shelf. Also using the Kreg Jig. I love this tool as it hides many of the screws. The X;s were 6.5" and the other sides of the X's were 2.7/8".