Introduction: Tic-Tac Catapult

  I like Tic-Tacs, they're minty, refreshing, and get rid of nasty stink breath :)
but they also have another interesting quality, thier really bouncy!!! I have A.D.D. and i get really borde easily. My school bus is insanely boring but my bus driver is really awesome. He lets us do pretty much any thing we want to as long as were not fighting or making out, some body hit me in the back of the head and started the war, Sadly I didn't have any rubberbands :( but i did have tic-tacs so I turned around and peged them right between the eyes!!! 

 Warnig: this instructable is for fun only so please be responsible and try not to get into too much troubble. tic-tacs are delicious put can also be dangerous so try not to hit any body in the eye. 

Step 1: Supplies.

The supplies are pretty simple:

  •  tic- tac box (obviously)
  •  small rubberband, I experimented with different sizes and foud these to be best
  •   scissors

Step 2: Remove the Labbel and Take the Top Off.

To remove the labbel run it under some warm tap water and scratch it off with your finger nail.
Then pop the top off 

Step 3: Cut the Tab

Take the scisscors and cut little triangles out, cut them out right above the little oval and right bellow the little plastic nubby thing. 

Step 4: Put the Rubberband On

  • lay the rubberband on the edge of the container and make sure to have about half on each side.(pic.1)
  • While holding the rubberband on the edge pop the lid back on(pic.2)


Step 5: Attach the Rubber Band to the Tabs.

get the tab and the rubberband into the postions shown in pictrue one.
 line the rubberband up with the triangles and make sure to try it out before you launch.

Step 6: Loading

This is pretty simple  just put the tic-tac into the little ovaly thing, pull back, and fling!!!

Step 7: Rapping Up

Well this is the end, some additional notes are if you put a little bead of hot glue or crazy glue on the back of the tab so it doesn't fly off and if you run out of tic-tacs you can use air soft BB's but i would suggest not using that at school at least if some body finds a tic-tac or two on the floor you can say you dropped them...
       hope you have fun with this and this is my first instructable so please add any suggestions or comments and if you have questions post them and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.