Introduction: TicTac Fairy Lights

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Did you know that there is a tiny version of the usual TicTac boxes? I was given one and it just looked too cute to to throw it away. Luckily my friends were only exited about the content, so I was able to gather a heap of empty boxes.

Let's upcycle them into these super easy TicTac fairy lights!

Step 1: Materials & Tools


  • pen or similar sized object


  • isopropyl alcohol (to get rig of the best before date)
  • paper tissue/ napkin


  • 10x or 20x empty mini TicTac boxes
  • 1x fairylight with 10 or 20 LEDs, I got the warm white version
  • 2x CR2025/ CR2032 coin cell (they have a lifetime of 10-20 years, so don't be afraid to buy in bulk)
  • filler material to spread the light (I'd recommend cotton wool, but hadn't any left so I used some paper tissue/ napkin instead)

Step 2: Wipe Off the "Best Before" Print

I don't particularly like having a "best before" date on my lamp, so I decided to wipe off the print with some isopropyl alcohol.

Step 3: Prepare Filling Material

If you, like me, happen to not have cotton wool you can replace it with a paper tissue/ napkin. As it is out of the box it blocks too much light, so you need to seperate its layers first. Afterwards stack all layers and cut them into squares of about 6-7cm.

Step 4: Fill the Boxes

It looks ok to have just the light in the boxes. However it's a lot nicer if the box is evenly illuminated. If you use paper tissue/ napkin use a pen or similar sized object and stuff it into each box. The goal is to have a thin layer all around while keeping some space in the middle. It's ok if some paper is sticking out of the top.

Step 5: Add the LEDs

Position a LED in the middle of a box, fold over the remaining paper and close the lid. The wires should come out at the back as shown. I my experience there is no additional support needed besides the boxes' closing mechanism.

Step 6: You're Done!

Yup, that's it, all that's left to do is insert the batteries and flick the switch. Isn't it pretty?

If you bought the pack of 60 boxes you'll have plenty left. I know, it's hard to resit the urge to eat them all by yourself, but pass a few to family, friends, coworkers or just random strangeres and spread a bit of joy ?

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