Introduction: Ticket Machine and Unity Movie Player

We made a ticket machine which dispersed numbered tickets. These tickets could then be used to insert your number into our Unity Movie Player. Which would start playing a video. Those videos were recorded on the street by random people. This way you had a personal message send to you.

Step 1: The Circuit

The circuit that we need for the ticket machine will be as follows:

Step 2: The Housing

To make the housing you just need 6 pieces of foamboard. You can either glue them together or tape them together. On one side where you want the tickets to come out you should cut a square hole out.

Then there should make a smaller box where you can place the tickets in. That box should have a little hole at the top, big enough to fit one ticket through. Then make a hole in the top. We will be placing our servo there.

Step 3: Add the Circuit in the Housing

You now need to put it together!

Step 4: Setup the Unity Movie Player

You can download our movie player here.

Step 5: ???


Step 6: Profit!

Now press the button and watch the tickets come out!