Introduction: Tictac Phone Mount

Repurpose your Tictac candy containers to a two-sided wall mount for your mobile phone.

Do not throw away your Tictac containers as they can be repurposed into so many things. Enjoy watching a movie, video podcasts or youtube while on the toilet seat, brushing your teeth or even while in a shower. Mount your mobile phone to virtually any vertical flat surface with a Tictac Phone Mount. 

Step 1: Things You Need

Things you need for this project;
  1. Empty Tictac container
  2. Oil (baby oil, massage oil, coconut oil, etc)
  3. Sturdy scissors (durable enough to cut through plastic)
  4. Durable double sided foam tape (I use 3M just to be safe)
  5. White board marker
  6. Ruler
  7. Optional: some sharp material such as nail file or cutter

Step 2: Measure the Thickness of Your Smartphone

The width of the Tictac container is about 10mm. This means that any smartphone that has a thickness within this range will work. If your smartphone is more than 10mm in tickness, you can try looking for another container that may work similarly with this project (dentall floss, candy containers, etc). My Samsung Galaxy S3 fits perfectly even with the casing. If you are too lazy to measure, check the site below for your phone's dimension.

Step 3: Clean Up the Tictac Container

Remove the lid and sticker label from the Tictac container. A sticky residue will usually be left on the container from the sticker adhesive. In order to remove the adhesive, use a drop or two of any oil that you have available on your finger and gently rub over the residue. After a few seconds, the residue will normally be removed and you can wash the container with soap and water to remove the leftover oils. I have tried baby oil, coconut oil and some leftover massage oil I have at home and all worked well. 

Step 4: Cut the Tictac in Half

Cut the Tictac in half vertically right in the middle by using a scissors or cutter. If you want to be precise, you can use a ruler and white board marker to make your lines prior to cutting. This is actually all there is with hacking the Tictac to make it support the phone. However, I will proceed to further customize and make the Tictac container look cleaner in the following steps.

Step 5: Cut Your Tictac to Perfectly Fit Your Phone

Place your phone in between the Tictac mounts and mark the areas that needs to be trimmed off. When I mounted my S3 in between the Tictac, I noticed that the inside edges are partially covering the screen and top edges are covering the back button. Use a white board marker to mark the lines for trimming. Use a cutter/scissors to trim the excess plastic edges and corners. 

Step 6:

After trimming the Tictac container to your phone's specific dimension, attach a half inch thick double sided foam adhesive tape at the back for mounting. Carefully hold up the phone mount to a flat vertical surface and stick the mount securely.

More tips:
1. The phone mount should ideally be eye level to avoid neck strain.
2. Once the adhesive tape is secured, it will be hard to remove so marking the wall with a masking tape or white board marker might help leave a temporary mark prior to final mounting.
3. Make sure that the whole surface area of the adhesive tape is secured by pressing on the entire mount.
4. If the phone is mounted on glass, the phone can be positioned both ways to allow viewing inside and outside the shower.
5. Pair up with blue tooth speaker for better audio experience.

Enjoy watching your videos and listening to podcast/radios while in shower or taking a break on the toilet seat :P