Tie Down Strap Storage




Introduction: Tie Down Strap Storage

Sick of this mess?

Step 1: Prep

Take one strap and unravel. Feed the tape from underneath the ratchet as in the image. You don't need a lot of tape pulled through. The length is something that will come with trial. It is very important that the tape is not twisted.

Step 2: Roll

As you do this more often, the correct place to start rolling will create a small s bend in the tape. Roll TOWARDS the underneath of the ratchet.

Step 3: Done

Thread the end of the tape around the roll and into the ratchet, tighten the ratchet and you are done.

Step 4: Other Tapes

Other tie down straps can be stored with the same method.

Step 5: From a Mess to Organised.

All nicely stored in the boot of the car.

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There's a simpler and faster way. Don't roll the strap... that's tedious. Do the tail-through-the-buckle trick (which is genius) but instead of rolling the loop, fold it in half repeatedly until the bundle is as small as it can get. A standard 1", 12-foot cam buckle strap takes just five folds and can be done in half a minute.


2 years ago

I must try this, I normally just fold the strap in half a couple of times and then tie it all into a single knot (fairly loose), which is pretty quick and effective. However your method looks like it would save a lot of space and would work well for the really thick heavy duty straps, from the picture of all your rolls together it looks like you've colour coded the different lengths which seems a great time saver


5 years ago

Finally someone has solved an age old problem. A thousand thanks!


Reply 5 years ago

Trust me, took me ages to work out.