Introduction: Tie Down Strap Storage

Sick of this mess?

Step 1: Prep

Take one strap and unravel. Feed the tape from underneath the ratchet as in the image. You don't need a lot of tape pulled through. The length is something that will come with trial. It is very important that the tape is not twisted.

Step 2: Roll

As you do this more often, the correct place to start rolling will create a small s bend in the tape. Roll TOWARDS the underneath of the ratchet.

Step 3: Done

Thread the end of the tape around the roll and into the ratchet, tighten the ratchet and you are done.

Step 4: Other Tapes

Other tie down straps can be stored with the same method.

Step 5: From a Mess to Organised.

All nicely stored in the boot of the car.

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