Tie-Dye Bounty Wipe Art




Introduction: Tie-Dye Bounty Wipe Art

here's some fun you can have with a plain bounty wipe. I give credit to my BFF for telling me about this fun craft. you probably already have what you need: some markers, bounty, sink, and an air conditioner or a fan(optional).

Step 1: The Stuff

If you didn't pay attention to the intro, then here's the stuff you need(AGAIN!): MARKERS, 1 SQUARE OF BOUNTY, A SINK, AND A FAN(OPTIONAL).

Step 2: What to Do

follow the pictures while your doing this:
1. draw random marks on the bounty with the markers but be sure not to get too much of one color. and dont color the entire thing. leave enough white spots on it.
2. don't worry if it doesn't look perfect because it's not supposed to! your gonna soak it anyway.
3. crumple it into a ball then put in the water and squeeze it. then take it out and gently open it up and squeeze any other water.
4. don't leave it too long in the water otherwise the colors will get messed up. if they do, put a little more marker of a different color from what it is and then crumple it and squeeze the remaining water.
5. if you want it to dry faster, put it in front of a fan and let it dry. (don't ask how i did it with my air conditioner on the ceiling... it's a long story and my arms are gonna cramp from typing it and if i showed you a picture, you still wouldn't get it so it's better not to ask!) and there you have it! a beautiful tie-dye piece of art! you can do this with any piece of cloth or a rag (make sure it's white) and get some fabric markers and do the same thing! then cut the material out as any clothes piece and sew it up! :)

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    I did some with sparkly markers and they look fantastic!!


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I am going to try this now with coffee filters. Thanks for the idea.