Introduction: Tie Dye Shirt

The materials you need is a plain white shirt and of course tie dye. I went to a crafts store, Michaels to buy these materials, but I'm pretty sure you can get it at other crafts stores. So once you have your materials find a place to make your project. I recommend using newspaper or a plastic bag to put under your project before starting so your floor won't get messy. Then you lay out the newspaper/plastic on the floor and lay your shirt on top of it. Now for the dye, their is supposed to be powder in the container so all you have to do is fill it up with water. #breadwinners

Step 1: Tieing Your Shirt

So now time to pick the design of your tie dye shirt. My design was lines. To create the lines, I took the rubber bands that came with the tie dye i bought and used it on the shirt. So first, you fold the shirt in half, hotdog style. You tie the rubber bands starting at the bottom. You tie it like how you tie your hair and overtime you tie one skip about an inch ad tie another one. You repeat this step until you reach the top of the shirt.

Step 2: Adding the Dye

So adding the dye is really easy. You can add the dye anywhere you want on the shirt and even mix the colors up. Just add the dye until you see no white spots on the white shirt, unless you want to have white spots on it. Be careful though because if you add too much dye on 1 part it might look darker compared to the other parts.

Step 3: Wit for the Shirt to Dry

So when you are done dying the shirt, I recommend leaving it outside for a day or two so the dye can dry. Once the shirt has dried, you can take out the rubber bands, unfold the shirt, and throw it into the washing machine.